How do I get school to accept my son with Aspergers educational needs and his emotional and sensory needs?

Aspergers Syndrome is a very complex condition. Each child with Asperger’s has his own complicated condition. Children with Asperger’s are very intelligent and many have areas of educational talent. For instance, a child may have great difficulty learning to read while being extremely advanced in mathematics. Uneven skills accompanied by high intelligence cause some teachers to doubt medical diagnoses as the reason for school problems.

Public school educators are trained to educate typical children unless they have completed a concentration in special education. Because of this, it is unfair to expect all teachers to understand all of the various developmental and neurological issues that can occur within the classroom roll.

There is a great need for Asperger’s Syndrome education among the public as well as public school educators. More importantly, there is a need for your son’s school to be educated about how Asperger’s specifically affects your son at school.

Here are some tips to aid in this education.

* Local Autism support group printed information-Provide information about Asperger’s Syndrome and the symptoms it causes. Use information that is direct and to-the-point. Highlight the areas in which your son has weakness. Also, highlight his strengths.

* Medical records: Neurological testing, proof of physical health, psychological testing, and any medications used (and why) are important facts that the school should consider. Have your son’s doctors write letters explaining any physical or emotional problems for which he is treated and how they may affect him at school.

* Occupational therapy evaluations-These documents will contain your son’s sensory diet, which is what he needs to combat sensory issues on a daily basis.

* Physical therapy evaluations-These documents will contain information on physical issues you son needs to work on and how the deficits will affect his school day.

* Speech/Language therapy evaluations-Speech therapy is so much more than articulation. These documents will contain a plan that tackles language processing issues and social skills needs, in addition to many other possible issues.

Your son’s educational team will perform educational evaluations that may or may not agree with your evaluations. As your son’s advocate, you must follow the necessary legal steps to ensure his educational success. His individual education plan or IEP should address every issue that causes problems at school, whether they are educational or emotional. It is up to you to decide what is best for him and how far you are willing to go to make sure the issues are addressed at school.

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Dave Angel

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