2 New Aspergers Education Videos

Here’s 2 new videos on the topic of Aspergers and Education I really wanted to share…

1. This video is by Fiona Van Lochem and in her words is:

“A story for classroom use to educate students about Asperger’s Syndrome and develop compassion and understanding.
Received a Special Mention in the 2011 KBR’s Unpublished Picture Book Award – Special Mentions for works that were either beautifully-written or featured unique or brilliant story ideas.”

2. This is the second video I have shared on my blog by Ryan McGibbon. His first was aimed at helping teachers understand Aspergers – this second video is to help other children understand Aspergers.

Please share your comments on these videos below…


Dave Angel

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2 Responses to 2 New Aspergers Education Videos

  1. Sharyl Hall says:

    Thanks Dave–your name really means you have been appointed by God as an angel messenger to help us all not only with Aspergers but all our diff-abilities. Everything you have had to say has been very informative. My son will be 22 on Dec. 16th and I think he may have some form of this uniqueness. I took him out of school in the fifth grade to home school becausee I knew he learned differently than in the traditional classroom. We thought he was just hyper, had ADD or COD or something! Bur whar?! I had him in various research programs. He has had rebelliousness and is now living from friend to friend or on the streets in southern CA. After his dad died when he was 16, that was hard on him. He recently told me that he has not cried since he was 12. He also has abandonment issues over being adopted. I have Fybromyalgia and became very ill. When the insurance money ran out we had to start all over and I came to Missouri four years ago to live with my in laws, and had the support of my husband’s family and brother’s and sister in laws. They all love me so much and Brandon as well. He has been rejected because no one has known how to help him and people wanted to write him off as just a disobient child. No one, but me, really understood that he beats to a different drum. Fiddly fingers and all. Brandon was almost 18 and refused to come with me. He lives to skateboard and was terrified of the weather her in MO. Consequently, he has been living from friend to friend or on the streets. He does have a bit of a rebellious spirit and has some legal issues which are almost cleared up. I almost died from three surgeries since I came to MO so I have only been able to go back to CA once to see him at this time last year and money is a challenge. Since I took the Asperger’s questionnaire on line and many things seemed to fit Brandon, I wept at having not gotten him the proper help, though I desperately tried everything, and now he’s almost 22. I don’t think he has a bad case, but just needs the right help and proper guidance. He’s very intelligent and has many gifts with a wonderful blond haired, blue eyed personality. He’s just been trying to survive the best way he knew how. I his own world. Since I have taken a totally different approach, with your help and info in listening to him and talking to him, our communication lines have been reopened. My family and I are wholeheartedly trying to get him here to MO to be with his mom–me, his half brothers and sisters and a full blooded sister. I cannot go back to CA since it’s too expensive for me right now. That’s the reason I left. I have widow’s disability due to my health conditions, but have been getting better steadily and I know that I could with the right support, help him to find a job and go to school. I have my own place now and if he is willing to abide by the rules he is welcome to come. He has only four more days left to do on a sherif’s labor program and then he is free to come here. We are hoping it could be before his birthday or by Christmas, God willing. My money is tapped out and I feel sort of overwhelmed as to how to handle this. I don’t have a car yet and have had to rely on friends or family to get me around. I am praying for a van because I know that it will be more important than ever when Brandon gets here to get him around and get him the schooling and proper help. I sing, write music and have a ministry called S.C.R.A.P.S. I make inspirational gifts ( teddy bears, bunnies, hearts, lambs, and more) for all occasions with poetic story messages attached out of fabric scraps. The gifts are focused on restoration and salvation for helping people focus, not on their problems or disabilities, but on Their unique ablities to rise above their challenges and successfully soar like an eagle above the storm with rainbow opportunities in their future. One of the gifts in my line is a Unique Teddy Bear that has been a hopeful healing inspiration to thousands for over 20 years, including those in the autisim family. I did not realize when I began to develop these gifts, write and sing how pertinent it would be to my own story, Brandon’s and so many out their who struggle to find their way and be accepted and know that they have purpose and can be used to bless others with their gifts and talents, too. I would like to send you one of my bears to bless you in your work. If You will allow me to mail it to you, I would need an address, I know you will be pleasantly surprised and blown away by the Bear and the bear’s message. You may be able to use something like this as encouragement in your practice and devoted work to this cause. Please write back, Dave. You are an angel for sure. I am a grateful mother and blessed by everything you have shared and the deep heartfelt way you care. Thanks for replying or even feeling free to contact me at 636-699-2022. And by the way…..Merry Christ-mas, Dave. You are like a guardian angel on our paths. May God light yours and fill you to overflowing with The Father’s abiding Love this season and in all seasons of your life, your family and your work endeavors. Sharyl Hall

  2. These were powerful videos–very well done! I can relate to many of these issues because I have a 29 yr old married daughter who was diagnosed as an Aspie in high school, after many years of consulting with psychologists and years of testing, consulting with a psychiatrist for 8 years and trying various medications, and various counsellors in school situations. She has a difficult time accepting the fact that she is “different” and what to do about it (communicating with others and learning to use her own strengths). She is now married to a wonderful neurotypical and has 2 beautiful, young children but occasionally feels out of control and unable to handle cope with life as it is. She and I are very close and I appreciate knowing there is more work being done in educating people, especially the schools, in how to accept others as they are and utilizing their strengths. Thank you so much for all of your work in researching Asperger’s and sharing information that all of us can access.

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